Microplane Rasp Grater Review


This was the first Microplane product that I ever owned and is the reason I’m brand loyal.

Like all Microplane products, it features surgical grade 18/8 stainless steel razor-sharp stainless-steel teeth which allows grating in both directions which makes zesting of citrus fruits and even the hardest cheeses quick.  Don’t stop at just citrus or cheeses…it’s strong and sharp teeth are also great with cinnamon sticks, garlic, and ginger.

The new model features an improved soft-grip handle which ensures a firm and comfortable hold.  Another excellent feature…it is dishwasher safe!  (handwash cover)  It is recommended to rinse the grater in warm water immediately after each use.  Remove particles stuck in the blade from the back side whenever possible.  To remove “stuck on food” from the front, first soak the tool in warm water and then use a cleaning brush and stroke in the same direction as the teeth.

Made in the USA, the dimensions are 1 1/4″ wide, 12 1/2″ long.  Choose between bright green, black, and empire red handles.  The weight is 4 oz.  Priced from $8.95 to $12.95.



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